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Triple cheese feminized seeds are the crossing of our Blue Cheese seeds with the powerful Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and backcrossing to give this amazing strain.

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Triple Cheese Feminized Seeds

Triple cheese feminized seeds are the crossing of our Blue Cheese with the powerful Original Cheese (Skunk#1 phenotype), created over many generations of selections and backcrossing to give this amazing strain.

Triple Cheese feminized seeds are everything we wanted to create and more.

But wait, it gets better; this plant is easy to grow and produces dense buds with a remarkable blueberry and Old Cheese taste.

The undisputed dank cheese flavor dominates this strain, and packs a punch with THC levels regularly hitting over 22%!

This cheesy trinity comprises of professionally bred and selected Cheese phenotypes, which were merged into the Triple Cheese. This strain resulted from crossing Blue Cheese seeds with Original Cheese seeds.

One can expect blueberry and old cheese aromas emanating from the crystal-covered buds.

This 80% India and 20% Sativa provides us, cannabis consumers, with down-tempo vibes, relaxing anxious feelings.

Triple Cheese seeds are a photoperiod plant that grows at similar speeds to an auto-flowering plant. She reaches 90-100cm in height, and the flowering time only lasts for 50-55 days.

This Cannabis Cup winner is a preferable choice for novice growers, due to the meticulous selection process throughout the years, which ensured homogenous phenotypes. Outdoor growers harvest this stinky beauty during April.

The Best Cheese Seeds – G420 Favorite

We at G420 Seed Shop love this strain of Cheese seeds and this is, in fact, one of our top 2 strains we love the best out of everything we have ever grown.

The flavor and terpenes are insane and it packs a powerful high as well.  All in all probably the best strain of weed in the world…well according to us anyway.

When you grow your weed what is it that you are looking for? We take 3 things into account.  First is taste and this is probably our main factor that plays a role.

Secondly is the power of the high and lastly is the yield.  These Triple Cheese feminized seeds are right up there.

The best tasting weed we have ever come across and for that reason, we will always suggest this cheese seed to anyone with plenty of confidence.

What Leafly say about Triple Cheese Seeds

One cheese, two cheese, Old Cheese crossed with Blue Cheese! Triple Cheese feminized seeds, by world-renowned breeder Barney’s Farm, brings classic Cheese seeds genetics together with a sweet Cheese hybrid.

This odoriferous union combines the earthy, cave-aged funk of Old Cheese seeds and the sweet and savory bouquet of Blue Cheese, creating a one-of-a-kind terpene profile.

Known to consistently reach 22% THC or higher, this manageable plant offers Cheese lovers new levels of complexity while preserving enjoyable effects.

Triple Cheese feminized Seeds – Reviews from growdiaries.com

10/10 the smoke is amazing! Great 80:20 Indica-Sativa combination! I am really satisfied with her to grow, to smoke so I really recommend these cheese seeds.

She had a hard start as I needed to remove and place to another house. She was even outside for several days in less than 10 Celsius.

The 4th week I stopped growing and just placed her outside and then to my friend’s house. After she recovered and became a beautiful strong plant.

Nice to grow LST is good for her I think she could be good with a good Topping as well. My opinion is, that she is not a very sensitive plant, she is hardy!☝️💪

I give 9 stars to grow this lady and 10 stars for the effect … Wao!
It was my first Barney’s Farm grow but not the last. There is a lot I wanna try from them! Thanks! Well done!


Effects of Triple Cheese Seeds


Relaxed 112%
Euphoric 96%
Happy 68%
Sleepy 44%
Uplifted 40%


Helps with

Pain 44%
Stress 40%
Depression 24%
Lack of appetite 24%
Anxiety 24%



Dry eyes 28%
Dry mouth 12%
Headache 8%
Anxious 4%
Dizzy 4%



Barney’s Farm

Strain GeneticsOriginal Cheese X Blue Cheese
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time50-55 days
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest MonthMid-April
Taste / FlavorBlueberry, Cheese
Plant Height90-100cm
CBD Content1.2%
THC Content22%
Yield600 gr/m2


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