Kali Mist Feminized (Divine Seeds)

Kali Mist is vastly used for concentration: the way it mobilizes our creative, cognitive, and imaginative abilities.

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Kali Mist Feminized Seeds

Kali Mist is a cross of several Sativa strains (Columbian, Thai, and Cambodian) with an Afghani Indica. This uplifting cannabis is a tall and productive variety, appetizing with its rich tropical scent. Somewhat richer in CBD than usual (about 1,0-1,3%), Kali Mist induces an especially meditative clear-headed high. 1995, 2000, and 2012 were the years when this strain was awarded first prizes at cannabis cups. Kali Mist by Divine Seeds is a batch of classic genetics stabilized in Canada using the most up-to-date breeding technologies. Protected with a germination guarantee if purchased in original packaging.


More fit for outdoor growing, such a vigorous Sativa as Kali Mist nonetheless demonstrated great yielding in grow boxes if given perfect conditions. Not especially pungent, Kali Mist source plants gave off a sour and sweet odor, which is exactly the famous pineapple-like flavor associated with this variety. Beautiful pyramid-shaped colas of maternal plants were balanced on solid and endurable stems, which along with well-developed root systems provided rich nutrition. The result was a wonderful resin production rate. Ready for outdoor harvesting by early November.


Kali Mist is vastly used for concentration: the way it mobilizes our creative, cognitive, and imaginative abilities, often surprising the user, makes it many businessmen and artists’ favorite. Medical usage includes treating depression, bipolar syndrome, glaucoma, attention disorders, fibromyalgia, and anorexia. Kali Mist is an energizer that never causes anxiety but puts you at ease. As such, this hybrid is highly preferable for wake-and-bakes. Kali Mist buds possess a bright herbal candy fragrance and often appear sticky enough to block a grinder. The effects last for up to 1.5 hours.


Breeder: Divine Seeds

Type: Feminized Photoperiod

Origin: Afghanistan / Columbia
Type: Sativa
Flowering: 75-80 days
THC: 18%
Harvest: 900-1200 g/m2
Height: 220-300 cm
Seed Pack Size

3 Seed Pack

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