Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds (Bulk Seeds)


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Blue Cheese Feminized Seeds (Bulk Seeds)

Blue Cheese is known to be an extraordinary resin producer and to have an extremely strong smell.

This is a strain that grows well, reaching a height of 60-80 cm indoors and has been stabilized for consistency in the qualities it’s known for- including that trademark pungent scent. Plants can triple in height during flowering, which lasts for around 8 weeks. It has a good yield and performs well outdoors in Mediterranean climates.

The effect of the Blue Cheese is a physical body high with a subtle, mood stabilizing heady effect.

SeedbankBulk Seeds
VarietyIndica / Sativa
Strain GeneticsCheese x Blueberry
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8 weeks
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Taste / FlavorCheese
EffectBody, Head
Plant Height60-80 cm indoors
THC ContentHigh
Also Known AsBlue Cheese
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50 Seed Pack

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