Auto Opium Feminized (Divine Seeds)


Auto Opium by Divine Seeds is among the most potent and productive feminized autoflowering strains ever known!


Auto Opium Feminized

Auto Opium by Divine Seeds is among the most potent and productive feminized autoflowering strains ever known! Indica prevails in this genotype, but its bright berry taste and smell are evidence of Sativa influence. The advanced THC concentration rate of Auto Opium cannabis makes it a #1 choice for commerce as well as a dream of those seeking usual impressions.

An extremely resinous Afghani landrace is crossed with a Brazil Sativa, potent and flavorful, and their well-balanced combination is what you receive in Auto Opium marijuana strain. Another reason Auto Opium has been appreciated by many is its strength while growing. Highly recommended to inexperienced growers, it can sustain hot weather and repel insect parasites with its infamous scent. Flourishing in any growing setup (grow boxes, greenhouses, outdoor plantations), Auto Opium is duly considered universal.

Not really a great deal of foliage, this strain is more about resinous and juicy buds growing densely to form huge weighty colas. Seldom a victim of fungi or any kind of mold, Auto Opium plants mostly stay within 1.2 – 1.5 m height. Indoors expect about 700-1000 g/m2, while outdoor growing means 300-500 g/plant. Auto Opium buds taste and smell of berries or exotic fruit generously laced with strong hash. Their heavy stone-effect hits you like an iceberg. Usually, 3 hours are spent motionlessly, all attention captured by insights and perception changes. In fact, numerous toxic medicine users report having successfully used Auto Opium to defeat their addiction. A great painkiller and sedative agent, Auto Opium can be prescribed against chronic pains, nausea and appetite loss, headaches, muscle spasms and cramps, seizures, panic attacks, and hysteria. Helps sustain hot weather. Best for nighttime consumption.

Breeder: Divine Seeds
Gender: Feminised
Genes: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Genetics: Afghanistan / Canada
Harvest: 950 – 999 g/m²
Flowering: 60 – 63 days
THC: 27.0 – 29.0%
Vegetation: 25 – 30 days
Ruderalis: 10%
Room Type: Indoor
Room Type: Outdoor
Room Type: Greenhouse
Seed Pack Size

3 Seed Pack