Auto Big Bang Feminized (Divine Seeds)

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Auto Big Bang by Divine Seeds is exquisitely tasty, highly reliable, and stable. Novice growers appreciate this opportunity: berry-smelling cannabis can seldom be so easy to handle.


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Auto Big Bang Feminized

Auto Big Bang by Divine Seeds is an exquisitely tasting Sativa hybrid, highly reliable and stable. Novice growers appreciate this opportunity: berry-smelling cannabis can seldom be so easy to handle. Also, it is a top preferable option for stealth growing, especially because of its milder odor. Auto Big Bang was developed by breeding a delicious Thai Sativa with Afghanistan Lights.

For such moderate-size plants, this strain has shown amazing productivity! Along with Blueberry, Auto Big Bang is respected for rare flavor valuers. Indoors Auto Big Bang plants do not overgrow 0.65 – 1.00 m, while out of doors their height may reach 1.20 m. Fit for any growing environment, soil or non-soil, this variety has demonstrated an amazing endurability. With training, plants become more convenient for cultivation as well as more productive, therefore the use of LST or ScroG is recommended to encourage their horizontal development. Utterly Sativa in its appearance, Auto Big Bang has an intensive fruity smell (hardly pungent).

Outdoor harvesting time is the end of August. This mellow cerebral high is emotionally warm and lax, partly because of the substantial Indica part that the Auto Big Bang genotype contains. Probably the best strain for anyone’s first Sativa tripping: no paranoia caused, communicative skills enhanced, better concentration, and body awareness. Can be used for combatting sleepiness. The possible medical application includes treating depressions, ADD, and bipolar disease as well as Alzheimer’s. A great wake and bake strain, Auto Big Bang can brighten any daytime. The effects last for up to 2 hours.

Breeder: Divine Seeds
Type:  Autoflowering
Gender: Feminised
Genes: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Genetics: Canada / Afghanistan
Harvest: 700 – 999 g/m²
THC: 20.0 – 21.0%
CBD: 0.1 – 0.2%
Ruderalis: 80%
Room Type: Indoor
Room Type: Outdoor
Room Type: Greenhouse
Seed Pack Size

3 Seed Pack


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