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Divine Seeds company has a totally worldly origin, despite the quality of our material, which is literally divine. A child of two rather distant cultures. The Seed bank came into existence as it happens in myths when two opposites give birth to a miracle. In our case, back then in 2001, the “parents” were two breeders.

One a Canadian geneticist without companions in his country (his views were too progressive) and a post-Soviet biologist specializing in the same domain. The latter preferred to work abroad due to a lack of financial support. His compatriots’ suspicious attitude to the object of his investigation (cannabis).

The genetic material that Divine Seeds use for breeding cost us a great deal of work. In fact, we did not think twice and collected examples from the locations most famous as motherland to perfect smoke.

We began our globetrotting in Afghanistan. Combing the nearby of Sabz Dara, Mirjan, Khujo, Anjoman, Nao and Pukh.

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