Barneys Farm South Africa

Barneys Farm

Buy Barneys Farm cannabis seeds online in South Africa. Original products. Barneys Farm is the best in the world. We have 45 amazing Barneys Farm strains.

The owner of Barneys Farm is Derry who collected seeds from landrace marijuana genetics whilst traveling around Asia and the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, and China in the early 1980s.

He based himself high in the Himalayas for three years and along with other talented and similar-minded breeders, he began the cultivation and cross-breeding of these strains.

In 1992 Derry returned to Amsterdam and took over Barneys Farm coffee shop; with him, he brought cannabis seeds from the valuable genetics he had collected and toyed with while in the Himalayas. Barneys Farm Seeds quickly became the research lab for many high-quality cannabis strains

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