Black Friday Sale Cannabis Seeds South Africa

black friday sale cannabis seeds south africa

Black Friday sale on Cannabis Seeds in South Africa. Get some amazing Black Friday special on all our cannabis seeds. Specials will last until 30 November. This is a PERFECT Christmas gift. Find all the coupon code information below. Don’t miss out on our Black Friday Cannabis Seeds sale!!!

Simply add all the coupon codes from the different breeders during checkout, and you will get the discount. Add each breeders coupon code if you have multiple breeders in your chart.

Royal Queen Seeds. Coupon Code – royal 420. Get 20% discount. 

Barney’s Farm. Coupon Code – barneys420. Get 20% discount.

Canuk Seeds. Coupon Code – canuk420. Get 30% discount.

DNA Genetics. Coupon Code – dna420. Get 30% discount.

Cali Connection. Coupon Code – cali420. Get 20% discount.

Sweet Seeds. Coupon Code – sweet420. Get 20% discount.

World of Seeds. Coupon Code – world420. Get 20% discount.

Oasis Genetics. Coupon Code – oasis420. Get 10% discount.

Samsara Seeds. Coupon Code – samsara420. Get 30% discount.

Bulk Seeds. Coupon Code – bulk420. Get 20% discount.

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