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We at the G-420 Seed Shop has got some awesome friends in South Africa. Please follow these links and check them out. Share the love in support of our local cannabis-related industries. Please contact us if you are interested in sharing a link with us.

Independent Hempworx Affiliate

Looking to buy the best CBD products available online then please follow the Independent Hempworx Affiliate link below and check this out. 

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The Cannabis Blog South-Africa

  • Articles AND videos filled with facts based on the truth
  • Cannabis cultivation tips for home growers – that soots your budget
  • All about Hemp and its amazing uses
  • Cannabis and CBD – The most powerful medicine in the world
  • Strain Info focused on Outdoor Growing for South-African climates
  • Strain, products, and services reviews
  • My own point of views
  • Fun and entertainment
  • Braking Cannabis news – local and aboard
  • The law on Cannabis in South-Africa
  • What is currently hot and what is not
  • Competitions and Giveaways
  • Cooking with Cannabis

Cannabis Club South-Africa

Cannabis Club South Africa is a community of cannabis enthusiasts sharing their love and support for medical and recreational cannabis in South Africa

DEM Roots

A uniquely South African, 420 inspired clothing and accessories brand. Bringing a fresh and vibrant new style to the cannabis community.





Please check out our friends at the very awesome cannabis magazine.

Alectro Electronics (Non-Cannabis Related)

Browse our selection of electronic good that range from top of the range smartwatches, drones, cellphone accessories, computer accessories, cameras and accessories, lighting, routers and CCTV. We definitely bring you a wide range of some of the best technology out there. 

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