About Cannabis Seeds South Africa

Do you want to find out about G-420 Seed Shop? Do you maybe wonder who we are then please this below? The G-420 Seed Shop brings you world-famous award-winning cannabis seeds. Right to your front door to where ever you are in South-Africa. You can now buy your cannabis seeds online with ease and assurance. Once payment is confirmed it should take about 3-5 days before your doorbell rings and finally the fun can begin. Finally, you can grow that “make your friends jealous” weed you’ve always wanted to grow. Right here in your very own home in the sunny South-Africa. Buy cannabis seeds online in South-Africa today.

We bring you the BEST cannabis seeds selection available in South-Africa.  Currently, we deal only with some of the best cannabis seed breeders in the world! So you can have our total guarantee on the best quality seeds available on the market today.  We have a few of the top 10 seed breeders in the world. With Barney’s Farm the number 1 in the world and Royal Queen Seed number 2. With DNA Genetics, Nirvana Seeds, and Sweet Seeds also on the top 10 list. We do have quite a powerhouse seed selection. From America’s, we have the super awesome Cali Connection, Canuk Seeds, and Oasis Genetics.  The stuff coming from Cali will surprise and satisfy anybody in the world. Some of the best weed in the world come from there.

All our products are 100% original and legit and all cannabis seeds are sold in its original breeder packaging. Still sealed and NEVER opened. Our shipping is done from our center in the Western Cape. This means that all our products have already been imported. It’s ready on hand so there is no need to wait for importation. Placing your seed order with the G-420 Seed Shop also eliminates a whole set of potential problems for you. If you were to order from the breeder directly you might wait a very long time. You might actually even wait forever because of customs interceptions. With the South-African rand going to nothing in no time it is cheaper to buy from us.

Why wait and take any kind of risks involved. Buy your cannabis seeds with us today at the best prices. We guarantee fast, secure and discreet shipping to any home address in South-Africa. Our shipping is a set price. We guarantee only the total best quality of breeders packaging cannabis seeds available. You can’t get better than some of the seeds here. 

The Best Weed In The World!

I am sure you want to grow the best weed in the world? Do you want to grow that “make your friend jealous” weed? That blows away mind in everything from potency, looks, and especially taste?  Do you want to grow that picture-perfect marijuana tree? That you can brag about on Facebook and Instagram. With so many trichomes you can see it’s shaped with the naked eye? Or maybe you are looking for medical marijuana seeds or low THC and high CBD seeds.  We have some very nice CBD cannabis seeds available. We have already sold to many people looking for all sorts of releases. To many, it is the best thing ever.  Please feel free to email us if you have questions on the topic of medical cannabis.

Do the right thing and start the right way. Order your cannabis seeds today. Remember that the only thing addicted to cannabis is growing it. Growing cannabis from seed is addictive people! It is a FACT that the best weed in the world can be the weed you grow yourself!

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