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We are over the moon the welcome The Divine Seeds Breeding Company to our selection! The purpose of Divine Seeds is to present divine quality cannabis seeds to the world. Currently FREE SHIPPING on ALL Divine Seeds!!!

World-Famous Award-Winning Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Cannabis Seeds South Africa, or also known as the G420 Seed Shop, has some of the very best cannabis seeds the world has to offer. Currently, we are dealing with Barneys Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, DNA Genetics, Sweet Seeds, Canuk Seeds, Cali Connection, World of Seeds, Oasis Genetics, and Bulk Cannabis Seeds. We now also stock the amazing Divine Seeds Breeding Company! From these awesome breeders, we have feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, CBD seeds, regular seeds, and bulk cannabis seeds. You can buy cannabis seeds online with Cannabis Seeds South Africa.

For years these amazing cannabis seeds have been basically unavailable to the South African public. But we at Cannabis Seeds South Africa is helping to change that, and we just want everybody to grow the best weed in the world right at their own homes. The best weed in the world is the weed that you grow yourself.

Ordering cannabis seeds online with Cannabis Seeds South Africa is just so easy and we try our absolute best to give the best service we possibly can. Once your order has been placed, and payment has been received we ship your package discreetly to any street address in South Africa. Then it is just about 3 – 5 days before your doorbell rings and then finally the fun can begin. Oh yes… growing cannabis is addictive. Buy cannabis seeds South Africa  online today.

What Cannabis Seeds South Africa Offers

We at Cannabis Seeds South Africa is focused on working with only the best cannabis seeds available today. We have got quite an awesome powerhouse selection for you to choose from. We have tried our best to get a selection of old classics like Northern Lights, White Widow, Sour Diesel, and so on, and that mixed up with some of the newer hybrid varieties on the market today. So the chances are great that we will have the seeds you are looking for in stock. So you don’t have to wait anymore, simply buy cannabis seeds online with us.

Barneys Farm is rated as the best seed breeders in the world. From Barneys Farm we at Cannabis Seeds South Africa have 45 strains to choose from. Our Barneys Farm selection includes feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, CBD seeds, and regular seeds. We have grown many Barneys Farm seeds over the years and our favorites that we will suggest any day to anybody are Triple Cheese, Pineapple express autoflower, Critical Kush, and Gorilla Zkittlez. Get your Barneys Farm Seeds with us today. You can’t go wrong with Barneys Farm. Buy cannabis seeds online with us today! Barneys Farm South Africa.

Royal Queen Seeds is just awesome. Royal Queen Seeds performs very well in our outdoor climates all over South Africa. Royal Queen Seeds is one of the most famous seed breeding companies in the world and was rated at no.2. We have grown plenty of Royal Queen Seeds strains over the years and it is almost too difficult to point our complete favorites but we will suggest these genetics. Sour Diesel, Hulkberry, Northern Lights, Fat Banana, Blue Cheese, OG Kush, and Royal Cookies are amongst our favorites. Buy cannabis seeds online!!!

From Royal Queen Seeds we have photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, and CBD Seeds. Get your Royal Queen Seeds today. If you want to grow outdoors Royal Queen Seeds is just a must! Royal Queen Seeds South Africa.

DNA Genetics…well need we say more. Cannabis Seeds South Africa just love DNA Genetics. They are rated as one of the top 5 seed breeding companies in the world today. DNA Genetics has won many awards worldwide and they just keep on impressing. At this moment our DNA Genetics selection includes only photoperiod feminized seeds but we are getting autoflower seeds from them very soon. Do not wait!!! Get your DNA Genetics cannabis seeds with us today! DNA Genetics South Africa.

Sweet Seeds is also a top-notch breeding company. Sweet Seeds is also rated under the top 10 seed companies worldwide. Cannabis Seeds South Africa have 33 Sweet Seeds strains available to the South African growers. The seeds from Sweet Seeds also does very well in South African climates and grows well outdoors too. Cannabis Seeds South Africa have from Sweet Seeds, photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, and CBD seeds. Have a look and see what awesome purple-colored strains we have from Sweet Seeds. Don’t hesitate to get your Sweet Seeds from Cannabis Seeds South Africa today. Sweet Seeds South Africa.

From the USA Cannabis Seeds South Africa has got the amazing Cali Connection. Now you can grow that Cali weed at your own home. Cali Connection is also a very famous seed company and some of the best in the world. Cali Connection brings to the table some of that classic famous and original American strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack, and Bubba Kush. Cannabis Seeds South Africa currently only have photoperiod feminized seeds from Cali Connection but we want to get some autoflower seeds as well. Shop Cali Connection South Africa with us today.

Canuk Seeds come from Canada and their seeds are just great. Cannabis Seeds South Africa has over 50 Canuk Seeds strains. Get your Canuk Seeds with us today. 

We will soon stock South African breeders as well.

Simply the Best Cannabis Seeds

The Best Weed In The World! Cannabis Seeds South Africa offers you the best seeds on the market. We at Cannabis Seeds South Africa want you to grow the best weed you possibly can. 

We are dead sure you want to grow the best weed in the world right? Do you want to grow that “make your friend jealous” weed? That blows away your mind in everything from potency, looks, and especially taste?  Do you want to grow that picture-perfect marijuana tree? That you can brag about on Facebook and Instagram. With so many trichomes you can see its shapes with the naked eye? Then shop with Cannabis Seeds SouthAfrica today.

Or maybe you are looking for medical marijuana seeds or low THC and high CBD seeds.  We have some very nice CBD  seeds available. We have already sold to many people looking for all sorts of releases. To many, it is the best thing ever.  Please feel free to email us at Cannabis Seeds South Africa if you have questions on the topic of medical cannabis strains.

Do the right thing and start the right way. Order your cannabis seeds today. Remember that the only thing addictive about cannabis is growing it. Growing cannabis from seed is simply just fun! It is a FACT that the best weed in the world can be the weed you grow yourself. Be sure to check out our Barneys Farm collection. We at Cannabis Seeds South Africa got 45 Barneys Farm strains. Barneys Farm is probably the best cannabis seed breeder in the world.  Royal Queen Seeds is set to be no.2 in the world. Cannabis Seeds South Africa got 28 Royal Queen Seeds strains.

Cannabis Seeds South Africa currently has about 150 photoperiod feminized seeds to choose from with a wide range of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid seeds. This includes some of the most famous feminized seeds in the world. Feminized seeds are an easy choice for those growing at home because it will assure that no males are present in your garden so your weed will have no seeds in your harvest. Also, it is great because the number of plants you start off with is the number of plants you will finish with. Go and check out the feminized seeds from Cannabis Seeds South Africa! Feminized Seeds South Africa

Looking to grow amazing autoflower cannabis seeds then look no further since Cannabis Seeds South Africa has over 50 of the best autoflower cannabis seeds available. Our selection of autoflower cannabis seeds includes world-famous strains with good results. Autoflower seeds are good to grow for beginners and for those looking to harvest a few times a year.

Autoflower cannabis seeds varieties automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage based on age, as opposed to the ratio of light to dark hours required with photoperiod dependent strain. So if you want to grow awesome autoflower cannabis seeds check out the selection Cannabis Seeds South Africa has available. Autoflower Seeds South Africa

For those looking for more of a medical marijuana grow than the CBD seeds, Cannabis Seeds South Africa has available is just a must. We at Cannabis Seeds South Africa has about 20 CBD seeds in our cannabis seeds selection for you to pick from. The CBD seeds in our selection all include high amounts of CBD. Do you want cannabis seeds that carry the opposite of the psychoactive THC? Then our high CBD weed seeds are an interesting choice.

Our high CBD seeds will grow into cannabis plants with flowers containing low THC- and high CBD levels or a ration of 1:1. If you are a patient looking to grow medical marijuana please shop our CBD Selection at Cannabis Seeds South Africa. CBD Seeds South Africa

Regular seeds will produce female plants as well as male plants. This means that your homegrown weed can be pollinated and seeds will be produced. Cannabis Seeds South Africa has quite a few regular seeds to choose from. Regular seeds are great if you want to make your very own seeds for future growth. Regular seeds are advised for those who have some experience in growing cannabis at home since you will need to identify the sex of your weed plant. Cannabis Seeds South Africa suggest regular seeds for experts who want to create their own hybrid or seeds for next season. Shop our regular seeds category today!

Cannabis Seeds South Africa has about 35 bulk cannabis seed strains in our selection. The Bulk cannabis seeds are all sold in packs of 50 seeds each. In our bulk seeds category, we have photoperiod feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, CBD Seeds, and regular seeds to pick from. Bulk Seeds is great for those looking for cheaper options, for those looking to create their very own hybrids or just to make seeds for next year. Bulk cannabis seeds are also awesome when you are looking to grow a large amount of a specific strain.

It is highly recommended for those who grow weed to make extractions and oils since the extraction results can be so little and large amounts of cannabis flowers are needed. Go check out the bulk seeds selection Cannabis Seeds South Africa has available to you. Bulk Cannabis Seeds South Africa

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